Episode 33: The Muppet Movie

, with special guest:
The Muppet Movie

*flailing Kermit arms*
(in German)

Citizens of Jazzhandia! This week’s episode has your hosts (Windy, Vinnie, and Mike) filling in a glaring hole in silent partner Jenny’s filmography – THE MUPPET MOVIE!

If it’s been a while since you’ve watched it, let us remind you how absolutely wonderful this movie is.  Featuring some of Paul Williams’ best music, a slew of ridiculous cameos, and groundbreaking practical effects, the movie nonetheless rests on the sweet, pure heart of the muppets.

While we recorded this episode during the holiday season, this is a great movie to help you get through the last dregs of winter and welcome in the brighter days of spring, along with the lovers, the dreamers, and us!

The Muppet Movie

doogadoong doogadoong

The Muppet Movie

Creating movie magic, magically


The Muppet Movie

Prince and the Electric Mayhem (you want this to be a thing, don’t you?)

The Muppet Movie

Brilliant holiday stockings!


Musical performance at Jim’s funeral

Yoda sings “Seagulls! Stop it now!”

“Russian Unicorn” bad lip reading video

Orson Welles drunk champagne commercial


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