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About Mike

Mike grew up with his parents taking him to see live musicals at Casa Manana in Fort Worth. It was a theatre in the round, and one of his first musical memories is sitting on the aisle for a production of OKLAHOMA! to see Curly standing at the end of the aisle waiting for his cue. Curly drew his gun and pretended to shoot Mike, which was a pretty dope formative moment for a kid.

Mike didn’t really rediscover his love of musicals until a few years ago, and he’s been doing his best to catch up with all the classics he hasn’t seen. So when Windy said, “You wanna do a musical podcast?” he jumped at the chance.

When he’s not learning about weird shoulder dances or Yul Brynner’s muscular calves, he spends his time playing with all the dogs he can find and watching really bad/awesome action movies.