Episode 47: The Little Prince (Fossepocalypse #9) Part One

The Little Prince

Adorable tot meets a variety of Broadway stars

Jazz Hams!

We’re back and we’re back in the groove! (Every other week can get weirdly confusing, y’know?)

The Fossepocalypse will not be stopped and so this week we bring you Bob’s last dance performance on film – THE LITTLE PRINCE.

Director Stanley Donen (yep, that guy again) knew exactly who he wanted for the Snake in his film adaptation, and Bob said yes because…
a) His daughter wanted him to do the film
b) He only had two other projects going and was at a bit of a loss
c) He was on new drugs
d) All of the above

As any Fosse-phile knows (as well as you Jazzhandians), the answer can only be D!

Donen and Fosse had worked together on THE PAJAMA GAME and DAMN YANKEES, so Donen knew what he was in for with Bob, and Bob (for once) trusted the director to do it right – or close enough. (BeeTeeDubs, watching this shortly after DAMN YANKEES makes it abundantly clear that Donen did not direct YANKEES. Nothing that clunky came out of Donen.)

With music by Lerner and Lowe and a bevvy of Broadway stars, the music is lilting and sweet, and the child is adorable (and possibly in peril – he gets thrown around a lot).

You may not have ever met a rose, but take a listen and meet THE LITTLE PRINCE!

The Little Prince

Pilot: “Did Bob offer you drugs too?”
Prince: “…mmmmaybe”


Richard Kiley’s velvety voice singing “The Night of My Nights” from KISMET

Richard Kiley, the original Don Quixote, sings “The Impossible Dream”

The Little Prince (1974)
The Little Prince poster Rating: 6.4/10 (4,045 votes)
Director: Stanley Donen
Writer: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Alan Jay Lerner
Stars: Richard Kiley, Steven Warner, Joss Ackland
Runtime: 88 min
Rated: G
Genre: Family, Fantasy, Musical
Released: 07 Nov 1974
Plot: A pilot, stranded in the desert, meets a little boy who is a prince on a planet.

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