Episode 42: Cabaret Part 1 (Fossepocalypse #6.5)

, with special guest:

Because “life is a depressing hellhole” didn’t fit the music cue

Listeners, the Fossepocalypse continues with (arguably) the high point of Fosse’s film career – CABARET.

Since all three of your hosts have seen this film before, we brought in our frequent stunt virgin Jenny. Jenny’s thoughts and reactions alone are worth a listen, but of course we’ve also got Mike making connections to SWEET CHARITY and Vinnie questioning what the fuck was wrong with the 70s while Windy tries to keep an accurate catalog of the drugs that fueled Fosse’s incredibly prolific – and award winning – year.

Liza Minnelli loved working with Fosse so much that they created the idea of the tv special “Liza with a Z” on the set of CABARET. Michael York has said it was the best acting experience of his career. Producer Cy Feuer wanted to murder Fosse before it was done.

So, your usual Fosse project.

So, come inside where life is beautiful and take a listen as we taste the wine, blow the horn, and celebrate CABARET.



Young Joel Grey says, “Welcome” and I say, “Hellooo, nurse!”


Fosse winning Best Director


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