Episode 54: Broadway Revue FOSSE, Part 2 (Fossepocalypse Bonus Round)

Fosse Revue

Hat? CHECK. Slouch? CHECK. Flexed hand? CHECK. Awkward body position? CHECK.

Jazz Hams! The Fossepocalypse is finally over!

(No more roving bands of cannibalistic jazz dancers. No more Death by Jazz Hands. No more Broadway Thunderdome. (Damn, that’s a thing I really want now.))

Join us as we finish talking about the 2002 revue FOSSE, which is also a review of our previous months of immersion in the evolution of the Fosse style. We have definite opinions about which numbers lived up to the originals, which dancers delivered the goods, and which dancers can pick up their plane ticket home.

If you want even more Fosse, the FX miniseries FOSSE/VERDON is spectacular. And Windy highly recommends the Fosse biography by Sam Wasson.

This may be the end of this particular project, but join us for our next episode as we wade into uncharted waters!


Fosse watches over us. Judging. Always judging.

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