Every so often, someone announces that the musical is dead. It’s out of fashion. It’s too ridiculous for modern sensibilities.

Banana oil! (as Jimmy from THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE would say)

We love musicals.  We love them when they’re goofy, we love them when they’re witty; sweet as pie, or a little gritty and naughty; period piece touchstone or redefining turning point – they get us smiling, tapping our toes, and singing along.

So join us as we explore classics and fresh inventions, finding the connections between old and new, laughing at the sometimes literal missteps – discovering and appreciating this unique art form.

About Mike

Mike grew up with his parents taking him to see live musicals at Casa Manana in Fort Worth. It was a theatre in the round, and one of his first musical memories is sitting on the aisle for a production of OKLAHOMA! to see Curly standing at the end of the aisle waiting for his …

About Vinnie

While he spent his formative years “learning to appreciate the arts” through his family’s season tickets to Bass Concert Hall’s Broadway series, it wasn’t until high school that Vinnie’s passion for all things musical truly began. He learned to play both the trombone and bass guitar, and his love of funk and Motown led him …

About Windy

Windy has a long love affair with Bob Fosse, who had a love affair with jazz hands, hats, and questionable morality. Growing up back when the tv was an appropriate babysitter, and the local channel filled Saturdays with old films, Windy was exposed to cinematic tropes that shaped her understanding of how the world works …