Episode 43: Cabaret Part 2 (Fossepocalypse #6.5)

, with special guest:

“Professor, your wife is dancing on the table again.”

Welcome back to our discussion of CABARET, with our stunt film virgin Jenny providing her insights, while Mike and Vinnie discover a deeper appreciation for the film.

CABARET marks the end of Fosse and Verdon’s marriage, although they never divorced. (This particular point in their relationship is captured beautifully, and performed masterfully, in the miniseries FOSSE/VERDON.) It’s also where Fosse dreamed up the television special LIZA WITH A Z while watching Liza Minnelli dance and sing at 110% for every take.

CABARET would have been enough for Fosse to make his mark, and establish him as a bona fide artist – but pairing it with the Emmy for LIZA WITH A Z and the Tony for PIPPIN all in the same year crowned Fosse as a phenomenon.

Wilkommen! Come taste the wine, and take a listen to our thoughts on CABARET.


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