Episode 45: Pippin Part 1 (Fossepocalypse #8)

The Greatest American Showtunes

The Fossepocalypse continues!

As we begin our new bi-weekly schedule, we complete Fosse’s 1973 trifecta of drug-induced creativity:  PIPPIN.

Neither Mike nor Vinnie had ever seen or even really heard of this show until Windy came along with her Fossetastic ways. Even with building up to the show by watching Fosse’s works in chronological order, PIPPIN is still breathtaking in its balls-out bonkersness.

Ben Vereen is the only major name from the original cast in this made-for-television recording, and his slithery performance anchors the show. William Katt (!) takes over for John Rubinstein in the titular role and does a credible job, but it doesn’t really matter because this is a show for the chorus and the Leading Player.

Join us!  Come and waste an hour and take a listen!

Will Rogers Follies
(skip to 3:56 for the bit that is similar to “War is a Science”)

Magic to Do at the 1973 Tony Awards


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