Episode 46: Pippin Part 2 (Fossepocalypse #8.5)


Sing and dance for Bob Fosse and all they remember is an 80s tv show

Jazz Hams! We’re back!

We apologize for missing last week. The new every-other-week schedule collided with CONvergence (Windy’s annual bacchanalia) and the bacchanalia won.

We continue our discussion of PIPPIN – both its place in the Fosse oeuvre, and the particularities and peculiarities of the “movie” version we watched. It’s amazing that Fosse gave up enough control to someone else for this to happen. Naturally, he regretted it.

William: “I don’t understand the editing.”
Ben: “Bob is gonna lose his mind!”

When you’re extraordinary, you listen to an extraordinary episode!  Take a listen!


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