Episode 12: Disney’s Newsies the Broadway Musical

Disney's Newsies the Broadway Musical

Raise your hand if you’re too young to remember the movie!

This week, Mike and Vinnie gush about DISNEY’S NEWSIES THE BROADWAY MUSICAL (and Windy sits back and preens with “I told you so”).

Thank god for Harvey Fierstein who restructured and improved the plot and characters, giving us a story with emotional weight, snappy banter, and satisfying interpersonal relationships! It doesn’t hurt that the cast is anchored by the terrific Jeremy Jordan and the sassy Kara Lindsay.

And the choreography.  Oh. My. SweetbabygiraffesWHAT!

Disney's Newsies the Broadway Musical

That’s just astoundingly impressive looking, right?

Disney's Newsies the Broadway Musical

I didn’t even know that was a thing a human could do.

Disney's Newsies the Broadway Musical

I mean, just…I think I could actually walk under them.

You’ll hear us reference THE LAST FIVE YEARS as we talk about Jeremy Jordan – that’s one of our “lost episodes” (lost to the gods of shitty sound recording), but we plan to re-record that episode! (Unlike our lost SHOW BOAT episode, which we have no plans to recreate for y’all.  #sorrynotsorry)

There’s so very much to like about this production, you should watch right now and then listen to our episode and gush along with us!  Find out for yourself what a “flippy boy” is!

Disney's Newsies the Broadway Musical


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